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Is it time to have your chimney inspected?

It May Be Time to Have Your Chimney InspectedChimney cleanings and inspections are part of regular chimney maintenance. Whether your fireplace or heating stove is a home-heating powerhouse, keeping your home warm and toasty all winter, or a showpiece that adds gentle warmth and ambiance to your home, your chimney requires regular inspections. But you might be wondering: When is it time to have your chimney inspected?

Once per year

If your fireplace or heating stove is in regular use, you should have it cleaned and inspected at least once per year. If you’re not having performance issue or concerns related to your chimney, your chimney sweep will perform a simple Level 1 chimney inspection. During the inspection, your sweep will check all of the easily accessible portions of your fireplace and chimney to be sure that they don’t show signs of damage or wear and that they are functioning as they should.

When you buy a new home

If you’ve purchased a new home or building with a chimney, you should have the chimney inspected as soon as possible by a CSIA-certified chimney sweep, whether you plan to use the chimney or not. The inspection will determine whether the chimney is safe to use, stable, and is allowing water to enter the building. When properties change hands, a Level 2 chimney inspection is recommended. A Level 2 inspection includes a more thorough inspection of your chimney. In addition to checking the accessible portions of the chimney, your sweep will access the chimney from crawl spaces or attics and through access panels. A special camera will be inserted up the chimney to inspect the flue.

When you change your fireplace fuel type

Even if nothing has changed with your chimney, your chimney needs to be inspected after you make a change to your fireplace. Whether you install a new fireplace insert, add a set of gas logs, or change the type of your fireplace fuel, your chimney requires a Level 2 chimney inspection. This inspection will check to make sure that your chimney is adequate to handle the changes you made to your fireplace.

After a chimney fire

Not all chimney fires are catastrophic. Sometimes, they are slow and smoldering. If your chimney has undergone a fire, but seemed to have contained it well, it still should be inspected to ensure that the chimney is still secure enough to protect your home from another chimney fire in the future. In the event of a chimney fire, a Level 2 chimney inspection is recommended.

After a severe storm or seismic event

If your home weathers a severe storm with high winds and blowing debris, or an earthquake that noticeably shakes your home, your chimney needs to be inspected. In the event of possible damage from a storm or seismic event, your chimney sweep will perform a Level 2 chimney inspection to verify that the chimney hasn’t sustained structural damage or cracks that will compromise its function.

If your chimney meets one of the above criteria, or you can’t remember the last time your chimney was inspected, the time for a chimney inspection is now! Call London Chimney Services to schedule your inspection today!

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Burn Wise: Why Does It Matter?

If you’re researching new hearth appliances or looking for information on your existing hearth appliance, chances are you’ll come across information provided by the EPA Burn Wise program. This program has become a major force in the hearth industry, and in local and state governments looking to have a positive impact on the use of hearth appliances. So what exactly is the Burn Wise program, and why does it matter?

About Burn Wise

Burn Wise Why Does It Matter - San Fransisco CA - London Chimney ServiceSpearheaded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Burn Wise is a partnership of EPA officials, state agencies, hearth appliance manufacturers, and consumers. The program’s aim is to educate the public on choosing the most efficient burning appliances. In addition, it teaches people how to burn the right fuel for their appliances to maintain healthier indoor air, minimize outdoor pollution and maximize burning efficiency.

How Burn Wise Can Help You

The Burn Wise program’s end goal is to educate consumers on best burning practices. Because of that, Burn Wise offers a variety of programs, educational materials, and designations to help consumers use their hearth appliances safely and efficiently. The tools provided by Burn Wise can help you:

• Select the right hearth appliance. Via its website and educational materials, Burn Wise provides a host of information on hearth appliances. The material offered by Burn Wise can help you determine what type of hearth appliance is best for you. Appliances include fireplaces, fireplace inserts or free-standing heating stoves. It also determines what type of fuel is best suited to your lifestyle or your home.

• Compare different appliances. Through the Burn Wise program, the EPA certifies appliances that meet strict efficiency standards. The Burn Wise program also provides information on sizing appliances for your home-heating needs. Therefore, you not only know you’re picking an efficient appliance, you know that appliance will provide the right amount of heat for your living space.

• Learn how to burn wood the right way. Not all wood and wood fires are created equal. Knowing what type of wood to burn and how to build a fire can help you to get more heat out of your wood while generating less indoor and outdoor air pollution. Burn Wise provides the information you need to help you learn to burn wood the right way.

• Answer your burning questions. Through the Burn Wise website, the EPA answers many questions homeowners share about choosing, installing, operating and maintaining their hearth appliances.

Call London Chimney Service Today!

The Burn Wise program is an important tool in helping homeowners to select the best hearth appliances for their home and their health. In addition, it teaches them how to burn those appliances the right way. The EPA encourages homeowners to work with a certified hearth professional in choosing, installing and maintaining their hearth appliances. If you’re looking for help from fireplace and chimney experts, call London Chimney Services today!

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