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Why You Should Get Your Dryer Vents Cleaned

With so much to take care of around your home, it’s easy to forget regular maintenance of your appliances. One often forgotten annual maintenance task is professional dryer vent cleaning. Skipping your annual dryer vent cleaning can pose a danger in your home and reduce the lifespan of your appliance. In fact, there are several reasons you should get your dryer vents cleaned.

Why You Should Get Your Dryer Vents Cleaned Image - San Francisco CA - London Chimney ServiceReduce your fire risk.

Clogged dryer vents are a common cause of home fires. Every time you dry a load of clothing, lint is pulled into your dryer’s ventilation system. While a small amount is caught by your dryer’s lint trap, still more travels into the dryer vent. There, the damp lint sticks to the sides of the vent, then to itself. Over time, the vent becomes clogged with lint, and the heat generated by the dryer can’t be released. The excess heat can cause the dryer’s heating element to ignite, sparking a dryer fire that can endanger your home. Ultimately, clogged dryer vents are blamed for more than 12,000 home fires in the United States every year.

Avoid carbon monoxide dangers.

All combustion appliances create carbon monoxide. If you have a gas-fueled clothing dryer, carbon monoxide is expelled every time your dryer is on. Normally, that carbon monoxide exits your home through the dryer vents. When the dryer vents become clogged, the carbon monoxide is forced back into your home, where it can build up to dangerous levels. Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause fatigue, nausea, dizziness, confusion and headaches. If left unchecked, it can result in loss of consciousness, organ damage and death.

Increase your dryer’s efficiency.

Have you noticed that your dryer is taking longer and longer to dry a load of clothes? Clogged dryer vents could be to blame. When dryer vents aren’t exhausting properly, your dryer can’t do its job in an efficient manner, and you can find yourself running the dryer cycle two, three or even four times to dry one load of laundry! That extra dry time means more electricity or gas to dry each load of clothing. Having your dryer vents cleaned can increase the efficiency of your dryer, saving you time and money.

Extend the life of your dryer.

When your dryer isn’t able to exhaust properly, it overtaxes the dryer. The dryer has to work harder to dry each load of clothes, and that can wear down the appliance. By keeping your dryer vents cleaned, you can extend the life of your dryer.

To reduce the risk of a home fire, lower the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning and keep dryers running efficiently, it’s recommended that homeowners have their dryer vents cleaned by a professional at least once per year. If you can’t remember the last time you had your dryer vents cleaned, or if you have noticed a marked decline in your dryer’s performance, call London Chimney Services to schedule your dryer vent cleaning today!

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Forward schedule your chimney service now!

Do you find yourself in a scramble each fall to get your chimney swept and inspected? Have you had to wait to use your fireplace because you had to wait for an appointment? There’s an easy way to ensure that your chimney will be swept and inspected each fall without fail: Forward scheduling!

Forward schedule your chimney service now Image - San Francisco CA - London Chimney ServiceWhat does it mean to forward schedule your chimney service?

Forward scheduling is a simple concept: It refers to scheduling a service well in advance to make sure that it fits within your time frame. Forward scheduling can involve calling to set up your annual chimney sweeping and inspection in the spring or summer, rather than waiting until the fall. Additionally, it can mean scheduling next year’s chimney sweeping appointment as soon as this year’s appointment has been completed.

Why is forward scheduling your chimney service worthwhile?

Forward scheduling your chimney service makes sense for so many reasons. Try and schedule your appointment when your chimney is on your mind.  Perhaps when you’re cleaning out your firebox after your last spring fire; or when you’ve just had a visit from your chimney sweep. By doing this, you’re less likely to forget your chimney until the fall. Waiting to schedule in the fall can delay your use of your fireplace!

Chimney sweeps get busy in the fall. Every homeowner rushes to have their chimney swept and inspected before they’re ready to use their fireplaces. This means that waiting to schedule in the fall could leave you waiting weeks for an appointment. This leaves you stuck with an appointment date and time that’s not convenient for you. Unfortunately, this can also stop you from using your fireplace as soon as you would like to. Forward scheduling means you can pick an appointment that’s convenient for your schedule. Also, well in advance of the fire-burning season. This leaves time for any needed repairs or desired upgrades.

How can you get the most out of forward scheduling?

The way to get the biggest advantage in forward scheduling? Schedule as far in advance as possible! Call your chimney sweep now to schedule this year’s appointment. When you’re on the phone you also can ask to see if your sweep has begun scheduling next year’s appointments. Plus, don’t worry about forgetting your appointment. Why? You’ve scheduled it so far in advance most sweeps will send cards or give you a call to remind you of your upcoming appointment.

How do you forward schedule your chimney service?

Be sure that you won’t forget your chimney sweeping until its too late into the fall. Forward schedule with London Chimney Services today! To schedule your appointment, you can call our office at 415.380.0330 or fill out the online scheduling form found on our website to have one of our representatives contact you.

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