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Fireplaces have been around for centuries, and today, many of us still rely on the comfort and supplemental heat that fireplaces provide. If you’re to enjoy your chimney and fireplace year after year, chimney maintenance and repair is an absolute must. If you neglect your chimney system, it will eventually reach a point where it is simply unusable. Luckily, this doesn’t have to mean the death of your fireplace, but can instead be an opportunity for a rebirth! Those of us here at London Chimney Services & Fireplace Shoppe specialize in fireplace and chimney restorations!

When To Repair vs When To Restore! 

When it comes to chimneys and fireplaces, it can be tough to know when it’s time to stop the small repairs and start looking at the bigger picture. For many people, price is the major sticking point. True, a full chimney restoration is no small task, but when you start adding up yearly repairs that may be proverbial “bandages”, the better option may be to restore the chimney so you can stop with the small-scale repairs.

Another time a complete restoration is necessary is if you have an older chimney that has sat dormant for decades and you want to start using it. If your chimney system is old, it may be far from acceptable when it comes to current safety codes and could put your home at great risk if used in its current condition. The first step is always to have a certified chimney technician perform a chimney inspection. This will help determine how much work needs to be done to bring your system up to code and get it ready for use.

Whatever The Issue, We Can Help

At London Chimney Services, we use several different techniques and products (such as HeatShield®) to help restore your chimney to working condition. For an aging chimney with a clay tile liner, the application of an innovative product like HeatShield® can help restore the integrity of the structure while protecting the masonry from the heat and combustible byproducts and bringing it up to current fire codes. Whatever the damage done or the repairs needed, our team of experts can help!

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If you have an aging chimney and are considering a fireplace and chimney restoration, give London Chimney Services & Fireplace Shoppe a call today! You can also request an appointment here!


To keep your home and chimney system water-tight, you may need to have your flashing repaired or replaced. Don’t postpone this important chimney repair — give us a call today!

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