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If you have a masonry chimney, your number one concern when it comes to damage should be the intrusion of water. Water can quickly cause serious damage to your chimney system and can even access other parts of your home through a poorly protected chimney. Many of the components of the chimney are designed with the intention of keeping water out, but if any one of these components is damaged or missing, the integrity of the entire system is undermined.

At London Chimney Services, we specialize in repairing these components and keeping your chimney system protected from the intrusion of water – this includes the repair and replacement of chimney flashing.

What Is Chimney Flashing?

Chimney flashing is one of the most important tools your chimney uses to battle water damage. Usually made of stainless steel or copper, your flashing covers the area where your masonry chimney structure and roof meet. This area is particularly vulnerable to water intrusion and must be properly protected by quality, well-installed flashing.

What Are Possible Reasons For My Chimney Flashing Leaking?

Even if you have flashing installed on your home, this area can be the source of a leak for many reasons:

Poor Installation: You may have chimney flashing already, but if it was not properly installed, it will do little good. The installation of flashing involves intricate layers and planning – shortcuts, poor techniques, and poor materials will leave this vulnerable area unprotected.

Rust: Because flashing is made with metal, it can be susceptible to rust over time. If your chimney flashing hasn’t been replaced in a long time, it may have simply rusted through.

Improper Materials: If your chimney flashing was constructed using improper materials that were not designed for the job, you’ll definitely experience problems. Materials that are susceptible to heat may have warped and opened holes. Materials that are can’t stand up to the elements may be allowing water in as well. It is always important to hire a certified chimney sweep with the knowledge of proper flashing installation, the necessary components, and their requirements.

Your House May Have Shifted: Over time, all homes settle and move slightly. This settling movement could be enough to create gaps and spaces in your chimney flashing. In order to maintain a watertight seal, it’s imperative that raised or separated flashing be replaced or repaired immediately.

Roofing Tar: If your flashing is covered in roofing tar, it simply will not function properly. It is important to have a chimney sweep inspect your chimney after you have roofing work done to make sure that your flashing is properly intact and maintained.

Weather and Animals: Nature can do a number on your chimney flashing. Whether it’s pesky animals clawing at the edges or stiff winds and storm damage, it is important to regularly have your chimney flashing checked.

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Another way to make sure your chimney is safe from the intrusion of water is by having your chimney crown repaired if needed. Find out more about all our chimney repair services today.

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