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Water can wreak havoc on a chimney. Sitting on top of your roof, it is exposed to all the weather your home endures throughout the year. If your chimney is not properly protected, or if a component is missing or damaged, you might find yourself dealing with a chimney leak. Leaks can cause major problems, not just with your chimney and fireplace, but with your entire home! At London Chimney Services, we have decades of experience dealing with leaky chimneys and know just how to track down the source of your leak!

What Are Some Signs Of A Chimney Leak?

A leaky chimney can manifest itself in many different ways. The most obvious signs would be water dripping or pooling in your firebox, but this is by no means the only way a chimney leak will show itself. If you have a leak dripping from your ceiling in any room adjacent to your chimney, the cause might be the chimney itself. Water rarely moves down in a straight line — it can work its way across the masonry, find a support beam, and travel halfway across your ceiling before finally finding its way into your living space. That is why proper detection by a trained, certified professional is so important!

What Are Common Sources Of Chimney Leaks?

Because water can be so detrimental to a chimney, there are several systems that should be in place to help protect it. Unfortunately, this can make it difficult for an untrained person to identify the source of the leak. Damage to any of the following components could lead to a leaky chimney:

Chimney Cap: A damaged or missing chimney cap will leave your chimney wide open at the top. A good rain will allow a good amount of water to find its way down your chimney and into your firebox. If your chimney remains uncapped, you will likely develop mold issues, rust issues, and masonry and liner deterioration.

Chimney Flashing: Chimney flashing is the protective metal system that sits at the base of your chimney structure where it meets the roof line. This area is highly susceptible to water intrusion, and if it is damaged, you’ll quickly have a leak in your ceiling or other areas near the chimney.

Cracked Chimney Crown: A chimney crown helps direct water away from the masonry structure of your chimney and onto your roof. If this is cracked or badly designed, it can end up directing water directly onto your chimney or chimney flashing. It can also allow water to make its way into the chimney itself, depending on the location and severity of the cracks.

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