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When was the last time you had your chimney and fireplace cleaned and swept by a certified chimney sweep like London Chimney Services? Each time you use your wood-burning fireplace, creosote is created and deposited on the inside of your flue. Eventually, this builds up and could lead to a chimney fire, which could cost you your home. That’s one major reason why having your chimney cleaned annually is so important.

What Is Creosote & Why Is It Dangerous? 


Creosote is an organic, tar-like substance that is created during the combustion process. When you burn wood fuel, some of the organic material travels up the chimney in the smoke. As the smoke cools on its journey, it leaves this organic residue on the inside of your flue. Over time, these layers of creosote will build up on top of one another, until you are left with a thick coat of flammable tar just waiting to be ignited by a stray spark or from the heat of a long-burning fire.

That’s where we come in! At London Chimney Services, all of our technicians are trained and equipped to remove creosote, even when it is glazed and hardened. When we leave your home after a cleaning, you can rest assured that your chimney is ready for another season of burning!

When Should I Schedule A Chimney Sweeping Appointment?

We perform chimney cleaning year round to accommodate your schedule, but it is best to have this service performed in the late summer — before the burn season begins. This ensures that anything that may have found its way into your chimney since your last fire is cleared out and your chimney is safe to use for the upcoming cooler weather.

Many people wait until the cool weather has arrived to schedule their chimney sweeping. By this time, most chimney sweeps are already booked as much as 2 weeks in advance, sometimes more! This may leave you with an unsafe chimney on many nights where a fire would be much appreciated! Many times this leads to people burning fires before they ever even have their chimney inspected, which opens them up to the potential for serious problems, including costly and dangerous chimney fires! It’s much better to plan ahead and schedule your chimney sweeping appointment before the rush, so you’ll be good to go once that cold weather hits!

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A chimney inspection now can save you damaging and costly problems down the road, so ask us about all our chimney and fireplace services today.

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